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TONE is the writer's attitude toward a subject or story. However, "writers" can be composers, songwriters, and movie editors as well. While editors work with audio and video materials to establish tone, writers do the same process with word choices, syntax, and other stylistic devices.
The two movie trailers below show completely different tones toward Stephen King's novel The Shining. (The first is an "official" version, and the second is a "remix.") Although they have nearly identical visual material, the way the material is presented (through music, editing, and different voiceovers) reveal a strong difference. How would you describe the tone of the first trailer? The second?

A South Boston student explains his powerful and personal connection to Gwendolyn Brook's "We Real Cool."

How should you NOT use PowerPoints? Watch this video to find out. (And yes, I too am guilty of making these mistakes.)

The "Dead Parrot" sketch from Monty Python's Flying Circus. Watch for the fallacies and the euphemisms for "death."

From the "Darmok" episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation -- a connection to Gilgamesh!

We used The Ramones' cover of "The Spider-Man Theme Song" to come up with our own parody . . .

Close to the end of her life, Billie Holiday sings one of her famous songs, "Strange Fruit." Can you make the connection to To Kill a Mockingbird? What is even more disturbing than the lyrical imagery is that white audiences often did not understand what the song was about.

See how the steps of the Hero's Journey / Heroic Cycle apply to Neo's journey in "The Matrix."

College students demonstrate "Bystander Syndrome," and how people react to an invisible dog.

This humorous video gives some helpful and practical advice on how to read a long text, especially one you're reluctant to start. There are some obvious things (break it up in small chunks) and not so obvious (check your lightbulbs, keep your feet below your heart!):

Here's a great video presentation given by Dalton Sherman, an elementary school student in Texas. Even more remarkable, it was given to an audience of 20,000! It's a good reminder about what's really important about education and the relationships between students and their teachers/administrators:

Taylor Mali humorously explains the importance of clear communication in this clip from HBO's "Def Poetry":